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Mad World


The 37-year-old Upper Austrian composer and pianist, Daniela Schaupp, is releasing her second album "Mad World" with her band "Pianocrash". The whole range of positive and negative extreme experiences of the last few years flows here in original compositions that touch every listener, even draw them into the processing steps. Formative experiences such as the restrictions on her freedom as an artist during the pandemic, the birth of her son in lockdown and finally the courageous step into professional independence, are reflected in this very personal album. The musician defies all obstacles with her motto: "And now more than ever!" Because giving up is never an option for her.
This is how “Mad World” came about, an album that comes in a classic orchestral guise – but with every swerve, there are cheeky flashes of rock’n’roll. It's the unusual combination of piano, drums, violin and bass that creates a powerful drama which is impossible to resist. This time the electric guitar and stringed instruments are also used, giving the pieces a new energetic intensity. The result is a wide cinemascope sound that is capable of setting off a flood of images in every listener. For example, the baroque-sounding "Para Siempre" could be the film music for a never-ending festival at the court of the Sun King. In "Mad World" Stephen King's Walkin’ Dude strides through the world in seven-league boots and is hilariously amused by the dance of death being performed everywhere. "Song for my children" can transport you to a flowery meadow where little ones frolic and dance until they fall onto the grass, dizzy, and stare wide-eyed at the sky spinning above them. "Mad World" is an album born of a love of freedom and a fighting spirit, but which always turns in a surprising way towards a place where you want to put down roots.

Komposition & Klavier : Daniela Schaupp
Violine, Viola & Gitarre : Marcus Wall
Cello: Thomas Wall
Schlagzeug: René Pichler
Bass: Wolfgang Boukal