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Xperience feat. Tim Armacost


Tim Armacost - sax
Alan Bartus -  piano
Stefan,,Pista” Bartus - kontrabass
Klemens Marktl - drums & comp.

The extremely in demand drummer/composer/bandleader Klemens Marktl, renowned far beyond the borders of Austria, presents his newly formed band "Xperience", which will release a new recording under the name Klemens Marktl – Xperience for the first time in March 2024. Due to his international activity as one of the most sought-after drummers from Europe to the USA, his formations often include jazz stars from all over the world. This time Klemens Marktl invited the Grammy winning saxophonist TIM ARMACOST from New York for this formation of Xperience. Mr. Armacost is one of the most sought-after musicians from the New York downtown scene and has been causing an international stir for years with his “New York Standards Project”. Tim Armacost and Klemens Marktl have been musical partners for years and have played in the legendary pianist Don Friedman's quartet in New York's jazz clubs such as Smalls and The Kitano.
The rhythm section includes the much sought-after Stefan “Pista” Bartus on bass and “rising star” and Ö1 Jazz Prize winner Alan Bartus on piano, who has now moved his center of life to New York and recently demonstrated his skills as a finalist at the famous Herbie Hancock Competition in Washington D.C. An internationally thrilling quartet with a terrific soloist from New York.

Under this hot swinging formation “Xperience” you have to imagine a highly energetic band whose roots clearly lie in acoustic jazz. The band is primarily characterized by the current "New York" sound, where Klemens Marktl spends some time every year to gain inspiration for his new compositions. The drummer's music mixes melodies and grooves with rhythmic finesse and highly energetic swing. Marktl’s rhythmically varied and always melodically comprehensible compositions offer the musicians a basis for improvisation and exciting interaction. This band developed through a monthly concert series, which Klemens Marktl also established as an organizer in recent years, and through the regular collaboration of these musicians, the band became musically "tight" and gave free rein to all improvisational excursions.
The band is currently on tour in Europe to present their first CD Xperience feat. Tim Armacost (sax), which is recently released on ATS-Records.
The Klemens Marktl Xperience always provides musical fireworks!!!