Aurora by Noon

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Black Crosses in the Sun



Discover the groundbreaking rock sensation that's set to revolutionize the
music landscape – AURORA BY NOON! This exceptional ensemble unites
international musicians to forge a sound that seamlessly melds time-honored
traditions with contemporary flair.
Featuring guest artists who have shared the stage with country greats like
Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, and contributed to albums from Skunk
Anansie and Pete Townshend, "Black Crosses In The Sun" boasts a global
appeal designed to conquer playlists across the globe.
Their debut record is an artistic triumph, offering twelve mesmerizing tracks
that exhibit unrivaled musical finesse and vision. AURORA BY NOON's sonic
identity masterfully fuses vintage and modern rock components, honoring the
genre's rich history while simultaneously redefining its future.
A hallmark of AURORA BY NOON's sound lies in their expert fusion of
melodious basslines with potent, propulsive rhythms, culminating in a
complex yet hard-hitting auditory experience. This dynamic backdrop allows
the remaining instruments to truly sparkle.

Genres: Alternative Rock, Rock, Hardrock

björn mehler • vocals
alexandre emidio • drums
adam hayman • guitars
markus sumereder • bass
mark brown • keys

Yet, it's not only the music that distinguishes AURORA BY NOON – their evocative lyrics hold equal weight.Delving into the peaks and valleys of life and contemporary relationships, their poignant words will leave
you feeling invigorated and uplifted.
Armed with their electrifying sound and unwavering dedication to transcending limits, AURORA BY NOON is
set to make a monumental impression on the music industry. Don't miss your chance to experience this
unparalleled and inventive rock endeavor!