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Fish & Fowl


The concept behind "Fish & Fowl" is the meeting of improvised music (free jazz)and digital post processing combined with electronics.As a listener and performer I have always loved improvised music. However,since I am also at home in classical music, I have sometimes missed form anddevelopment there. The aleatoric character of Free Jazz forbids a prior"planning" of a piece. Sometimes, however, this means that the fascination and excitement soon fade away when listening to it several times on a recording. The five musicians of "Fish & Fowl" met in the studio to record live improvisations. We traced different moods, gave them space and invented music in different line-ups without any guidelines. Together with Werner Zettinig, I spent months analyzing the music. Then we edited, rearranged and thinned it out without losing its freshness and spontaneity. In a next process loops were created, effects added and electronics developed. Some of the electronic sounds were generated from the acoustic recordings, others newly constructed. Finally, Anna Anderluh and Stefan Sterzinger added vocal contributions. In this way we achieved a form of "Comprovisation" in which, on the one hand, spontaneity and freshness are preserved and, on the other hand, form and development drive the pieces forward. The electronics lift the songs to a new level and create cinematographic moods that are best enjoyed with closed eyes and curious ears!

Edi Köhldorfer Even while studying classical guitar he played in rock bands and jazz formations. After studying jazz (guitar and composition) he began a varied career. Edi has played in classical orchestras (Vienna Philharmonic, Wiener Symphoniker…), in funk, soul and pop bands (Stella Jones, Global Kryner, Dancing Stars…) and due to his versatility had the opportunity to work with internationally renowned artists such as Biréli Lagrène, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Barbara Dennerlein, José Carreras, Stewart Copeland, Stephane Grappelli, Benjamin Schmid, Thomas Gansch and many more. With the trio “Speak” his first album as a leader was released in 1994. Since then, recordings under his name have appeared at irregular intervals – solo, in a duo, trio or in larger ensembles. While he devotes himself to traditional jazz on "The KUH Trio - Old Souls" (ATS 0955), his preoccupation with Indian and African music can be heard on the CD "The Riddance", (ATS 0988).ctronic meet on this album. www.edikoehldorfer.com

The musicians:

 Lorenz Raab
has been oscillating between classical, jazz and improvised music for decades. The position as solo trumpeter at the Wiener Volksoper gives him the freedom to implement his ideas without compromise. E.g. in bands like Forms of Plasticity or Bleu. He also collaborates with artists like David Helbock, Christoph Dienz, Lukas Niggli or the Vienna Art Orchestra.

Gerald Preinfalk
is professor for classical saxophone in Graz and at the same time one of the most sought-after jazz saxophonists in Austria. Both on the bass clarinet and on various saxophones, he is a sought-after soloist in jazz, new music and free forms. In addition to many releases under his own name, he has worked with Django Bates, Elliot Sharp, Alegre Correa, Willi Resetarits, Wolfgang and Christian Muthspiel, among others.

Ivar Roban Križić
lives in Vienna and is working on his Artistic Research PhD on free improvised music at the University of Music and Performing Arts. In summer 2020 he recorded his first own album "Sound". The CD is dedicated to the research of new sound productions, the practices of free improvised music, and the interpersonal relationships that affect spontaneous musical expression. Collaboration with Petar Milić, Peter Herbert, Georg Vogel, Matheus Jardim, among others.

Lukas König
studied in Vienna, Linz and Bern. He was awarded the "Hans Koller Prize", the Bremen Jazz Prize and the Bawag P.S.K.. Next Generation Award. In addition to performing at festivals worldwide, he has worked with Reggie Washington, Malcolm Braff, Steven Bernstein, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Audrey Chen, Julien Desprez, Chris Pitsiokos, Moormother, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Briggan Krauss, Dorian Concept and Leo Riegler, among others.

The guests:

Anna Anderluh
is one of the most interesting young singers in Austria. With her sophisticated vocal technique, but also on the autoharp, she moves with great success in the field of tension between jazz, pop and improvisation.

Stefan Sterzinger
Singer, songwriter and accordionist Stefan Sterzinger is known as a "musical border crosser", "secret genius", "icon of Austrian music" and "grand seigneur of the Viennese music scene".