Fullsteam & Eastwood

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Rain Songs




Playing and living.

Understanding and pursuing.

Hearing all the stories, learning all the lessons, experiencing all the small and big things Americana music is all about.

Sometimes, clichés just fit. Together with their virtuoso musician partners, Fullsteam & Eastwood craft masterful soundscapes. Chary yet twangy, the audience is forced to listen closely to discover the many shades and nuances of their sound.

The music gets into ears and minds. Find yourself in cities which cannot be detected on any map, welcome to plains which can only be seen in your mind´s eye if you listen carefully.

It´s timeless music based on experiences, not all of them great but all of them important.

Full of harmony but with an intangible knowledge that an underlying darkness is necessary to come across as credible when recounting life´s lessons.

If rain sounds like it does on "Rain Songs", the full debut of Fullsteam & Eastwood, you wish for the patter on your porch to last until dawn, maybe beyond. For there´s always dawn somewhere.

Turn the record around and spin it, let us hear your songs about waiting and yearning, keep on telling your stories about forgetting and remembering.

Here´s to Jimmy and Judy, for there is no finding without losing.