Kill Scoville

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A portion of Vintage, a pinch of Pop and a whole lotta groove: Kill Scoville
from Graz play themselves directly into our souls’ rhythm centers,
displaying fine nuances between modern Acoustic Jazz, Soul and Swing.
The sound catches you like a wave. It sweeps you away, wants you to surf it
and move with it. Remaining seated impossible. When Kill Scoville start
playing their songs resistance is pointless. Those endowed with just the
slightest spark of rhythm will begin moving automatically because the sound
is catching. The band, a trio in its original formation, is as powerful in its
sound as a big band though using a fine blade ever present. The three
musicians can all look back on a long lasting stage experience. Each one of
them is a strong personality which becomes clear at first sight. Together, they
act in perfect harmony, creative, impulsive and so full of heartiness that an
evening with Kill Scoville first and foremost means one thing: pure vitality.
You got tone?
Livia Hubmann (vocals), Steff Kotter (piano, vocals) and Predo Perić (drums,
vocals) got it – and how! They interpret classics new and give them a truly
personal touch, they rock their audience with their own songs and no matter
whether they perform in a small contemplative club or at a big gala, the
stage is their element. The trio gets musical backing according to the
occasion: Gernot Strebl (saxophone, clarinet) and Lukas Raumberger (bass)
join to add even richer facets to Kill Scoville’s nuances of sound. Not later
than now you are in for it: Legs are tingling, ears are swingin’ and the heart is

Livia Hubmann (vocals)
Steff Kotter (piano & vocals)
Predo Peric (drums & vocals)
Lukas Raumberger (acoustic bass)
Gernot Strebl (saxophone)