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Rush Hour




Playful, down-to earth, unpretentious: tiktaalik tears down the boundaries of
traditional genres and develops a mutual understanding for the strengths of
each musician during their collective creative process. tiktaalik embarks on a
spirited journey outlined by highly energetic and intriguing melodies and
rhythms as well as soft-spoken, delicate passages.
Their elaborate compositional work leaves room for a common effort in
arranging their pieces and combining uneven rhythms with complex
harmonious structures in order to highlight the sound language of the quartet.
This combination of varied musical stylistics and improvisational freedom
defines tiktaalik.
The band is composed of Oliver Marec playing the saxophone, Clemens Rofner
on double bass, drummer Simon Springer and pianist Luca Zambito. Every
member of tiktaalik finds his place in the multi-layered identity of the band
as they create a play that ties a knot with the name of the band. tiktaalik is
the Inuit word for freshwater fish; it played a big role in evolution, as it
represented the transition of the animal from the water on to land. In 2015
the saxophone player Oliver Marec founded tiktaalik with the goal to combine
traditional and modern elements of Jazz. Inspired by the onomatopoetic
sound of the name, the band also represents the basic idea of the evolution –
one cannot come to a standstill while seeking new melodic and rhythmic

Oliver Marec - Saxophone
Luca Zambito - Klavier
Clemens Rofner - Kontrabass
Simon Springer – Schlagzeug