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Right Mind




BluesFrizz (aka Rearl Blues Frizz / RB Friedrich) is an Austrian blues legend.
Having been on the road for almost 5 decades, he has long since left the trampled paths of traditional blues musicians, and goes his own individual way.
After "Down the Tracks" (Beat Bull 1996) and "Forty Five" (ATS Records CD-0546, 2007),
Frizz now presents his third solo album.
A total of 15 titles, recorded over a period of several years, have been placed on "Right Mind", including 6 originals. Frizz has recorded three tracks with electric guitar, here he is accompanied by Edgar Mottas, a pal from early days, on drums.
"Right Mind" presents BluesFrizz in the usual 'earthy' way, but also brings to light a lesser known, spiritual side of him (for example, on "Morning Rain" and "Lost Soul"). The musical journey begins with the instrumental "Snakes"; accompanied on a diddley bow and a kalimba (an African thumb piano), the blues 'haudegen' wanders through a jungle occupied by snakes.
This beautiful album is a confession of his family roots ("Cowhide Yodel"), just as well as his musical ("Last Fair Deal Going Down"). Very touching is Frizz' recounting of the genesis of his title "Hard Headed Mama" on which he plays an old Key mandolin that his father brought from US American captivity as a prisoner of World War II. Frizz had to restore it, and finally needed 6 years(!) to finish the recording.
And last not least there's BluesFrizz, the family guy who has his "right mind", "... until [his] good friends came around."