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When you trouble an online search engine for "Triple Stockpot", you will definitely find more on soup pots then piano trios. However, you should not ignore the addition “Triple” in your research, since it is the three-layered structure that makes the band name - beyond the associative clue, that it is just a trio - really conclusive.
Without further stressing the term soup pot, the name symbolizes what the three Austrian musicians initially came together for quite some time ago. To throw everything in one “pot”, to jam, to experiment and to discover new personal facets.
Gasselsberger, Wendt and Lettner have worked with a variety of musicians of different genres, including Wolfgang Puschnig, Tony Momrelle, WDR Big Band, Klaus Doldinger, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Mike Stern, Richard Galliano, etc. ...  This  certainly has an influence on the compositions, which are contributed by every one of the three equal band members.
The spices can be different at every concert – the resulting music ranges from lyrical-melodious piano trio sounds, to gripping grooves that are inspired by the Balkan and the Middle East and African-influenced rhythms.
Whatever seethes or slowly simmers in this soup pot is anything but a simple one-pot stew. „Triple Stockpot" deliberately does not submit itself to any predefined boundaries - only the moment counts in this breathtaking trio!