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Petra Linecker & Martin Gasselsberger

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Warm Embrace




Petra Linecker (voice) and Martin Gasselsberger (Piano) encompass a wide range of musical literature in a natural and highly emotional way. Classics from the Great American Songbook like Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Honeysuckle Rose give way to Pop and Soul hits such as Imagine and I Can’t Stand The Rain and then culminate in original compositions such as Warm Embrace and Wrong Way. Their deep agreement in all aspects of the interpretation allows any musical style and situation to sound authentic and even innovative. In their sensitive awareness of each other, attentively listening and moving forward, they create floating moments of delicacy and depth.
Petra Linecker respects each composition with her beautifully clear and agile voice adding her own phrasing and improvisation to reveal new facets of the songs. Gasselsberger’s deeply blues and jazz saturated piano playing switches between energetic passages of virtuosity and feather light impressionistic sound painting. Each tone played (or omitted) is well considered and a pleasure to experience. “Warm Embrace” is a big hug for the music, the public and the loved one with whom we are entrusted. Always and then again anew.