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Korn & Frieda

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Korn & Frieda - Worldmusic of Mühlviertel
Korn & Frieda - are a musical quartet from the upper-austrian region called
Mühlviertel. The instruments of acoustic guitars, upright-bass, acoustic drums
and the singing in dialect offers music which they call „Mühlviertler
Worldmusic“ - different Styles of Music combined with the regional spoken
language. The solid basis is built on the lyrics and compositions of Günther
Osterkorn and Karin Pargfrieder. Collectively they create an unique musical
survey with a variety of influences. The songs of Korn & Frieda contain Blues,
Latin, Reggae, some jazzy approach and the spirit of austrian folklore. Their
debut album „Wöd“ is released in springtime of 2019 and it gives a good
sample of the creativity of this band. When they make music together it reflects
experience and their sense of life. The contents of the lyrics are floating
between profound and humorous meditation about the human being - tough
mostly with a positive outlook!!