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Muri Pericolanti




Ewa and Bohdan Hanushevsky have been exploring and celebrating the genuine folk music of Eastern and Southeastern Europe for two decades. The two are Kohelet 3’s motor and the band’s “leading couple”. Together with Kurt Edlmair (Clarinet),  and Barny Girlinger (Trumpet), they are famously known for their powerful and passionate interpretations of traditional folk music of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece and Macedonia. A vital element in their multi-ethnic repertoire are the songs and dances of Eastern Europe’s major nomadic cultures: the Jiddish and the Roma music. Beyond musicological boundaries and devoid of folkloristic kitsch the four musicians search for new ways of bringing the folk music’s energetic authenticity out in their live-performance. No matter if the songs are melancholy, sad or passionate, light-hearted or lively: In Kohelet 3’s live-performances one can hear and feel the archaic power of this music that playfully transcends language and cultural borders.

More info: www.kohelet3.at