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Guem is an ageless giant. A massive body, powerful hands, a serious face and a look that seems to see you through… But do not be fooled by this still force: it hides one of the best percussionists and one of the nimblest dancers ever.
Born in the Algerian town of Batna, GUEM (with his « real » name Abdelmadjid Guemguem) was early initiated to percussions. At the age of 16, he went to France with the intention to become a professional footballer - but then his love for the music won. He made his name accompanying the crème de la crème of french and american jazzmen. The "man with golden fingers" quickly grew bored of tours where managers stepped on stage to announce "eight musicians plus a percussionist!" Organising a series of concerts where congas, djembes and darboukas were the major stars, Guem proved his drums could assure melody as well as rhythm.
In concerts all around the world and with more than 30 albums, Guem got to conquer and federate a very wide audience, fascinated by his great skills and his mastery of percussions from everywhere.
In 1978 he scored his first great succes,“ Guem and Zaka”. Invited to Brazil in the early eighties GUEM recorded “O Universo Ritmico”. Couleurs pays (2007) presents rhythms form 17 countries, for example Egypt, Mexico, Senegal, Algeria, – and Niger, the land of his parents. In 2011 he recorded the album „ Mon Paris“, which is decicated to the city of Paris where he lives.
Not content with being only an artist, GUEM found himself a vocation to teach percussions and dance. A fact which he explains saying " a passion is something that should always be shared." He has transmitted his rich knowledge in thousands of dance and percussion lessons all around the world . GUEM is an inspiring teacher, whose purpose is to wake up hidden or „sleeping“ skills.

Foto:Von Zitronentarte - Eigenes Werk, CC-BY-SA 4.0,