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Finger Licking Fine




At least, the fourth album by Salzburg singer/guitarist and song-writer Erich Lindenthaler.
A rich bundle of Rock'n'Roll, Country, Blues and Rock surrounds the listener. Classic and
tuneful, a tribute to various genres, Erich Lindenthaler comes straight to the point.
Traditional American music performed by top musicians with his striking, distinctive
voice. Lindenthaler also demonstrates his skills on the guitar with a unique style and sound.

Guitarist Tom Reif together with bass player Peter Gruber and drummer Willy Hackl are
there too; also acclaimed pianist Martin Gasselsberger, blues-harp genius Sepp Schwarz,
Oliver Loy and Frank Schwinn - guitar as well as Diana Jirkuff and Petra Linecker -
backing vocals.
The songs are very catchy and instantly stay in the listener's memory.
Authentic, despite the fact that Lindenthaler honours several genres simultaneously,
this eclectic mix makes the songs an ideal foundation providing him with plenty of room.
The voice is full and enthusiastic, without losing sincerity.
A treat for friends with open ears!

Erich Lindenthaler, Vocals E-Guitar
Peter Gruber, Bass
Martin Gasselsberger, Keyboards
Willy Hackl, Drums
Oliver Loy: E-Guit.(2,4,5,9,15), Ac.-Guit.(2,9,11,15)
Tom Reif: E-Guit.(6,13,16), Ac.-Guit.(6,16)
Frank Schwinn: Guitars (10)
Sepp Schwarz: Harp (3,11,15,16)
Franz Trattner: Drums (3,16)
Wolfgang Klingsbigl: Bass (3,16)
Christian Bachner: Saxophone (14)
Diana Jirkuff, Petra Linecker: Back. Vocals (15)