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Crumbling Light


Rooted in Jazz, but unafraid to deviate from it. With open ears and a
sensitivity to sound, three Austrian musicians present themselves. The
trio met in Vienna and started a collaboration soon afterwards; Simon
Oberleitner (piano), David Ambrosch (double bass) and Konstantin
Kräutler (drums) release their debut album, crumbling light, in spring
2017. “In a way, the album can be interpreted like an exhibition or
collection of many small illustrations. The title song Crumbling Light
is just one of these pictures,” Oberleitner explains.
Together they founded the Jazz-piano trio “Owls” in autumn 2015 and
recorded their CD in November of the same year. The result justifies
the timeline – the simple pieces full of ambient depth (all written by
Oberleitner himself) are played with elegant sincerity and chamber
music-like intimacy, and leave no doubt as to the musicians’ aptitude.
“It was of great importance to me that the music came to the fore,
rather than the arrangements. The compositions were only the motifs,
so to speak, which we painted. The way we went about them, which
tones we used – that should take centre stage. In David and
Konstantin I found the truest companions for such an enterprise.”

Simon Oberleitner – piano
David Ambrosch – double bass
Konstantin Kräutler – drums