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Tales of the Wasteland


Nothing Quiet on the Western Front

It is not a coincidence that on the new single of THE MORRICONES - „Dead Man Walk On“ - the vocal part comes along with the ringing of death bells. If this is not enough for spreading oppression, Wolf Jacobi, singer of the band will give you the creeps while singing the refrain of the “Desperate Man” with his tanned voice. Chris Wiener on his guitar, Axel W. Mayr on his bass and Franz Gelhart on his drums are well up in riding with Wolf Jacobi as THE MORRICONES through their self-created acoustic landscapes. The dreadful, disturbing and emotional sounds as well as the glittering, dusty location they are set in create terrific, acoustic images that can be described best as “Western Drama”.   

An Austrian Production from Berlin The single that is available right now and the debut album, which will be released on 15th of September  2016, were both produced by Raphael Tschernuth (who produced the album “Tell Me” for the Austrian Amadeus Award nominee and blues singer MEENA CRYLE). The string and brass sections were added manually as one would expect it for large soundtrack productions. For the recordings all musicians were dragged to the Western part of Berlin. There Tschernuth, the sound technician Jeremy Nothman (BEAR’S DEN), the drum specialist Joe Dilworth (PJ HARVEY, STEREOLAB) and the mastering legend Doug Henderson (THE SWANS, ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS, DEVENDRA BANHART) added their personal touch to the 10 songs of the album. Ennio News? Excellent in melody and arrangement the song „Dead Man Walk On“ – acting as a first impression of the debut album „Tales of the Wasteland“ – is at least as good as the soundtracks of the famous Italian Western. Despite of that and the perfectly set quotations within the songs the music is more than present. „Desperate Man“ and the add-on single „Yucatán“ are songs easy to remember, made „Once Upon a Time in the West“. Dead Man, Kill Bill! Even if „Dead Man Walk On“ sounds as being part of the soundtrack from an Austrian Western in the middle of the Alps – this music has the power to rise from the valley of darkness.  

Should there finally be found a film director that has the guts to demand proper film music for the next generation of Western, there is certainly nobody else but THE MORRICONES that should be taken into consideration for this Quentin-step. One thing is certain: this would lead to a soundtrack that hasn’t been heard since “Once Upon a Time in the West”.