mg3 featuring Tim Collins

870 #133
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out & across Live


The new audiophile live recording “out & across” presents the qualities of the involved mg3 musicians without make-up and the band’s modern jazz cosmos with its pop/soul elements in impressive intensity. Martin Gasselsberger has created his own piano-trio sound through extensive international concerts and many highly acclaimed record productions. His tasteful compositions and the stupendous interaction of his musicians appeals to a wide scope of listeners. With the current CD Gasselsberger extends his trio to a quartet. The new member is virtuoso vibraphonist Tim Collins, who solos reflectively but at the same time exuberantly bringing his creativity with seamless integration into the group’s sound. This happens on one hand at a percussive level since the American drummer masters rhythm in his sleep, and on the other hand Collins contributes three compositions with the floating sound of his vibraphone. He interprets ballads with a swelling emotional audio -journey and ignites his improvisations towards collective ecstasy.
As a leader Martin Gasselsberger moves the album with mature and tasteful piano-playing between impressionistic solo passages, chamber-musical blue-notes and captivating Staight-Ahead Jazz. The mix and spectrum demands 100 percent from the ensemble and public - a music listening experience at a high cultural level of enjoyment and taste. Mg3 presents real-time musical development and encourages it’s audience to a deeper understanding of it’s own special mix of elegant and exciting instrumental music. – The sky’s the limit!