Laura Korhonen & Treeoo

833 #115
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„Melancholy, guts and passion: Jazz meets traditional Finnish music“.

Finnish Jazz singer Laura Korhonen was born in Turku, Finland but brought up in Helsinki. She lives in Vienna, Austria since 2009 and studied Jazz Vocals at the Konservatorium Wien University. Her project with an Austrian jazz band TREEOO started in 2012 and Pyyntö is their first studio album.

Lauras thoughts about the Album: “Living abroad and being a foreigner makes you long for your home country in one way or another. So no wonder that traditional Finnish music has become even more important for me since I live in Austria. I ease my feelings of longing with music, and so I always have a piece of Finland with me.”

The title song „Pyyntö“(„request“) describes the mood and the spirit of the album well. In our songs we like to play with the idea of connecting modern Jazz and traditional Finnish music. The texts, which are sung by the majority in my mother tongue Finnish, deal with themes like the northern nature, homesickness, longing and hope. Between melancholic and quiet passages, there are also dynamic and passionate moments, as for example, influences from the Finnish tango tradition.

Laura Korhonen (FIN): Gesang
Max Tschida (A): Klavier, Akkordeon
Judith Ferstl (A): Bass
Andreas Seper(A): Schlagzeug