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"Sometimes you showcase things on stage which you have been acquiring and practicing before. In this way you like to obtain appreciation from your audience. But if nobody knows what’s going to happen next, the audience will need as much courage as we musicians do to face the unexpected."

This quotation could be „Fransen Music’s“ slogan, a „fringed“ sound as it were. Thus, Klex Wolf and Hannes Sprenger rely on both improvising and musical expertise while bridging a gap with no clear destination in mind in a soothing attempt to cool down molecular pain and be rewarded with a smooth landing, if not a bumpy one.

Both of the duo's musicians have been acquainted for a long time. As instrumentalists they performed their mutual respective orchestral- and chambermusic and they played together in ensembles and also spent private time with one another. Hence it seems retrospectively mysterious, why the duo hasn't been formed earlier... but on the occasion of the studio-project "alone together", launched by Klex Wolf, where he invited Hannes Sprenger, amongst others, to improvise on pre-recorded piano tracks, it came out that the conceptions how to master this adventure were, on the one hand, highly unisonous but on the other hand in such a way peculiar and strange that further cooperation became essential. That was the birth of "Fransen Musik", and "Mittwoch" ("Wednesday") is the first release of this intention to explore the sonic properties of the fringed edges of the musical galaxy - or of the unpredictable processes within its center.