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A First Taste


Viennese guitarist Tobias Faulhammer, 22 years old, presents his first musical statement
with his debut album “A First Taste”. Born and raised in Vienna, he began playing the
guitar when he was 15 years old and finished his BA-studies at the private university
“Konservatorium Wien” in 2014. The young artist’s five own compositions and two interpretations
on the album impressively present his musical spectrum, which ranges from variant
types of jazz to rock and blues.

In early 2012, Tobias Faulhammer founded his own trio together with fellow students Sebastian
Küberl on the bass and Thomas Gindl on the drums. After numerous successful
live performances, the three young musicians resolved upon recording their first CD in
February 2013, which has been presented on the 8th of February 2014 at “Aera”, Vienna,
supported by Roman Schwaller on the saxophone, Claus Spechtl on the guitar and Max
Tschida on the Hammond organ. Subsequently, it is going to be available in Austria,
Germany, Japan as well as the US.

“Despite being only 22 years old, guitar talent Tobias Faulhammer presents with “A First
Taste” an impressive musical statement. A rapid bass riff underlies the opener “Sea Turtles”,
while the track organically fluctuates between a 6/4 and 5/4 meter. “Solar Winds”,
composed in a floating 7/4 meter, leaves enough space for virtuous sound cascades on
the guitar. In “Sco Blues”, Faulhammer bows to guitarist John Scofield by presenting his
whole repertoire of skilled blues lines. In Billy Eckstine’s ballad “I Want to Talk About
You”, a jazz classic based on Eroll Garner’s “Misty”, Faulhammer ultimately proves his
broad stylistic range and his harmonic as well as melodic skills. The latin-oriented piece
“El Toro” gives drummer Thomas Gindl the opportunity to shine in a solo over a 7/8 ostinato
and “A Groove Thing” presents Faulhammer as a talented rhythmist with a subtle
phrasing. A touching interpretation of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ballad “Lenny” in a duo with
earthy Sebastian Küberl tops off the album, which ends in a classical guitar trio as a reference
to Jimi Hendrix.
A comprehensive and remarkable debut, which will certainly be followed by further productions,
as the title unambiguously suggests. And rightly so!”
-Mathias Rüegg, August 2013

Tobias Faulhammer, Guitar
Sebastian Küberl, Bass
Thomas Gindl, Drums