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Auf nach Spitzbergen


"Auf nach Spitzbergen!"
(Let’s go to Spitsbergen!)
With "Auf nach Spitzbergen!", The FeMale Jazz Art
present a new programme that raises a smile not only
because of the choice of title (based in part on
contributions from their audience), but also because of
the way the musicians interact.

On this musical journey, the listeners experience an
Arabian caravan traveling across Austria ("3 Araber in
Bad Goisern"), an old granny transforming into a
butterfly after her death ("Babotschka"), and a
creaking old ship sailing through stormy seas towards
Cyprus ("Old Ship"). Upholding the tradition of
programme music, The FeMale Jazz Art try to create
musical images and tell stories. In their way of doing
that, a klezmer song may well originate from

They deliberately mix styles and blend them into a new,
unique sound: new hues created by melodica,
glockenspiel, cajón and text recitals enrich the
traditional jazz line-up (saxophone, piano, double
base, drums).
All members of the quartet (Swantje Lampert, ts, ss,
mel, rec.; Barbara Rektenwald, p; Peter Strutzenberger,
b, und Andy Winkler, dr, cajón, glockenspiel )
contribute their own compositions to give the band its
distinct sound; they also take loans from a number of
classical works in order to forge something new.

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