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BADHOVEN knows no compromise in making music. May their roots of hardrock be back in the eighties their songs never sound antiquated or from the old millennium: The guys around Kurt C. give proven song structures and sounds a new painting. They are fascinating with catchy melodies, refined arrangements and the charismatic voice of their front man that not even skilled hardrock fans should miss. They remain true to themselves, are on the pulse of time without ingratiating themselves too fast trends.

The Fifth of BADHOVEN is named OBSESSION – and in the case of obsession in music they don’t show much difference to their huge eponym Beethoven!

The album features eleven fantastic tracks relying on three decades lived and experienced rock music.
After the opener and title track OBSESSION the following FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS is in content and music the absolutely modern song.  ROCK YOU HARD, I WILL BE THERE and TIME DOES’NT MATTER AT ALL are a big “thank you” to all those rock fans out there! MORE THAN A LIFETIME combines hardrock and blues in a unique way. WHEN I FOUND YOU, SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL and MY BROTHERS RED GUITAR are showing the sensitive side of the band.
While ALL OR NOTHING is dedicated to the incredible Formula-1-champions Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso.

Finally BADHOVEN dedicates the song LEGENDS OF ROCK to all those huge icons of rock history that passed away lately: Ronnie James Dio, Gary Moore, Steve Lee, John Lord, Les Paul and Jim Marshall.

BADHOVEN | Obsession, what else?

Kurt C. - vocals, guitars
Gerhard Paar - keyboards, backing vocals
Erwin Lichtenegger – bass
Gerd Sojka - drums, backing vocals

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