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klitzeklang - Der Klang der kleinen Dinge



Groovequaker. Instrumental acoustic jazz/funk/pop/rock, featuring two guitars and percussion -
incredibly groovy.
How did it begin?
Both on the hunt for groove, the two guitarists, Christoph and Jonas, met in a remote village in
Austria. They were attending a seminar on specialized fingerstyle techniques, hoping to take their
music to the next level. They started making music together, expressing the harmonic and
percussive range of an entire band on two guitars. It did not take long for their original
compositions to mature, and the band, still a duo, began performing in private concerts and at
other selected events. They produced their first home-recorded album.
G√ľnther, an outstanding percussionist, joined the duo a few years later, adding a long-desired
percussive dimension to the music, and the trio was complete.
The three musicians intuitively combine their diverse musical voices into a playful and harmonious
whole. Their unique style pervades songs, which were created through a process of collective
The Groovequaker soundscape can finally be experienced on their brand new album "Klitzeklang:
Der Klang der kleinen Dinge", which gives insight into the band's more than eight years of
musical achievement.