Spring String Quartet

788 #68
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Engel sind wir selber



 A Christmassy exploration tour through the universe.
Christmas is the celebration of love and reconciliation. So let’s start at loving ourselves.
The narcissistic wound inflicted on us by Kopernicus and Kepler, Charles
Darwin and Siegmund Freud will be cured by the red-hot “Spring String theory”.
As the whole cosmos, our hearts as well as the stars, vibrates in the rhythm of the music. Hooray!
God, the world and we are pure energy, spiritual beings – like the angels, about as tangible as music
and also as beautiful.
The Christmas Oratory of the Spring String Quartet makes the Heavens tingle and the angels sing.
Michael Radanovics has composed the musical score for them Harald Friedl has written the text. The
miracle of Christmas appears in a completely new cheerful candlelight.

Christian Wirth  Violin, Vocals, Cajon
Marcus Wall   Violin, Vocals, Guitar
Julian Gillesberger  Viola, Vocals
Stephan Punderlitschek  Cello, Vocals


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