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Ohne mit mir



DU has been drilled into your skull and the membrane brought to the
swing of your cerebral cortex!
DU presents on their first album, "ohne mit mir" songs without
limitation of style, absurd irony, hopeless despair and powerful
The guitar player Moritz Hierländer and the bassman Karl Sayer are a
perfect creative team. Most songs are a product of the improvisation
and making music together, without musical and lyrical borders.
In their songs they describe with ironic absurdity everyday's situations
and unreal things.
Their common interest in unusual and ordinary song structures, sound
collages, angular harmonics, driving grooves, riffs and minimalism are
implemented in this project.
The full intensity of the music and lyrics are often open only at the
conclusion of a piece.
On the recording you also can hear Michael Tiefenbacher on keyboard
and Lukas Köng on drums with the necessary tact and a healthy dose
of musical sophistication.
An extraordinary project that it is totally convincing in it's absurdity.
DU for you and it, in songs of absolute angular position.

Moritz Hierländer – Gitarre, Sound, Stimme
Karl Sayer – Bass, Stimme
Michael Tiefenbacher – Klavier, Keyboard, Sound
Lukas König – Drums, Stimme
Werner Angerer – Sound, Stimme
Claire Huguenin – Stimme
Musik und Text – Hierländer, Sayer