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The connection of voice and saxophone always has a little bit amusing in itself. Whether Astrud Gilberto - Stan Getz or Nancy Wilson - Cannonball Adderley, it were always legendary combinations.

Quite an other kind of the connection is the meeting of Saxofour, the Austrian ensemble of saxophonistischer blessedness, and Maria Joao, vocal virtuoso, however, also of Portuguese romantic. Maria Joao is as it were the fifth voice of the verstimmlicht become Reed - quartet.

The programme exists of a careful choice of Maria Jo ã o's songs which were orchestrated warily for 4 saxophones or flutes and clarinets, and from original the compositions of Saxofour which were written especially for this project.

Besides, are if one knows Saxofour, the compositions, as usual, also with pleasure "start ramps" for the improvisatorische high-altitude flights with which Maria with a marvellous self-image links up. An essential factor of the mutual understanding is of course the joy and the humor with and in the music.


The ideal combination of grooving, genuineness, mind and virtuosity with which also the humor does not come too briefly. Four individualists who submit logically to a unity, and at the highest musical level. Four most asked saxophonists between Scheibbs and Nebraska.Press comments:

 With Wolfgang Puschnig in the old saxophone to one of the jazz signboards of Austria and co-founders of the "Vienna kind of Orchestra"" to two present tape members Florian Bramböck (Old and tenor-baritone saxophone), Klaus Dickbauer (Alt-Baritonsaxophon/Baßklarinctte) and Christian Maurer also disposing of rich jazz and classical period experience. (Soprano and tenor saxophone) four important musicians of the Austrian jazz scene have met to add a new typical version to this area of ensembles. This plan can be looked meanwhile as successful. In spite of hardly to be co-ordinated appointment plans they have found since the foundation of SAXOFOUR (1992) times at least once a year for appearances of the quartet, the finishing is in spontaneous reacting on each other clearly herauszuhören. Own compositions (e.g.m Bramböcks "series more incomprehensibly of new countries") change with arrangement so-called "classic" (possibly from Strayhorn). They avoid by the huge number of duets (often between old saxophone and baritone saxophone) otherwise throughout used on a continuing basis tiresome - quartet sound, her own compositions often remind of films resident in New York from the area of "Screwball Comedies" which are reflected in the speeding up, fine-co-ordinated varying pulse. (direct)

Four top musicians from the saxophonist's squad meet for a long time to a begleitlosen quartet. "SAXOFOUR" is the very well successful answer of Austria to the already unclear number of international saxophone quartets. Like the other ensembles of this genre also lives "SAXOFOUR" on the high individuality of his musicians. Apart from an unconventional arrangement about "Boblicity" stand only own compositions in the programme. They. have stimulative effect and irritate the musicians too wildly of expressive Solistik. Always appear or also several instruments, which to themselves with rhythmical reef darunterlegen. Immediately whether lyrical subjects or Up are announced to tempos, always the musicians swing to dynamic turbulence with play joke and insane inspirations on. (krone)

Saxophone quartets have in the jazz meanwhile already tradition. Four most put a tread and vocal-strongest saxophonists embody contribution of Austria from that point of view, under the eagle with the project name "SAXOFOUR". "Straying horns" is her motto. Appropriately, because her versatility she can be maintained in the most various play situations. From projects of new music about free improvisation, travelling by the music of the world to there to the fact that they lent her voice the Austro - pop when this still had profile. They play this experience in this blower's enterprise capably. (n/a)

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