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Refrain-Color: New CD with a new group name

The music of “refrain-color” draws on the traditions of different musical cultures, creating to-do without having to copy it-a synthesis of the common origin and those traditions, known commonly as world music. "Despite the diversity of world music we play, our Styrian origin shines through in the pieces by reflecting some of the colors and the length of the hilly landscape, " says Mecky Pilecky (drummer and producer of the CD "refrain-color")

This five-piece, varied instrumental music band from the southern Styria is the most logical successor to a group called Virgin Power (-last or the Stradner spectacle in 2010 to hear): It was marked by the electrically amplified hurdy-gurdy sound embedded in an alive vibrant music with joy to the children and oldies dancing ... Admittedly, the instrumental chorus break soon with everyone and are still one of the strengths of the new formation!

In addition to the original two-pulse encoders Stefan Weiss (hurdy-gurdy, accordion) and Mecky Pilecky (Drums, Perc.) Are there now, especially the "new" Thomas Klauber (Bass), Manfred Gutmann (E-git.) and Gerhard Schutti ( violin, acoustic guitar), all of an extra element of style have brought innovative and shape the world's musical journey even more diverse: jazz-rock and funk mixed with tango sounds, and somewhere it is believed to be heard from afar the English horn! Sometimes you can feel a kind of mystical longing in their music, melodic sensibility, tastefully used in the groove.  

Renate Burtscher (designer of music programs in Austria Radio Broadcast Ö1) on the CD "refrain-color":

Imagine a really rainy Saturday afternoon, bad on it, the mood spiral moves down clearly, then I had a suggestion: Put the CD refrain-color, take off your shoes, look for contact with the ground and carried away by the music in all offered directions, can resonate , mitgrooven. It works - I've tried with success! “