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Schickt die Frauen fort



Illegal   - Send the women away


The most beautiful declaration of love since the foundation of language. The year 1989 brought about a few highlights, the four musicians inspired by the important events that happened at the time dignified them through Music.   These were in particular the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Wimbledon victory by Steffi Graf. Both events were quite political and yet could be viewed completely nonpolitical, and so Illegal was born.

The idea of Illegal needed some time to mature, it started down the path with the Austrian Songwriters Movement, although this path was much too deep and over run. Then the isolation from the artistic surroundings in Leonstein Upper Austria, the New German Wave was discovered, when in reality it had long passed.  The four musicians, three of them that have now reached a critical age (not so the fore man), came together in 2006  to concentrate on  the main thing they were searching for such a long time,  to be an unrestricted man.


Together they stood against the complex intellectual language that was perfected in the Austrian cities. The musicians wrote their thoughts in a simplistic yet complex form and through their choice of instruments were able to perfect their musical statement. They created music with a theme. Though the writers,  Dieter Hofstetter, Christian Kowarschek, Christian Weissensteiner and Reinhard „Bux“ Brunner found it difficult to capture words surrounding under-which world peace is hidden and the underlying power structure of society, the woman.


Thus the first work of the band “Illegal” was an engaging, sometimes reserved and then understood with the wink of an eye, a proclamation of love to a special woman. The score in turn takes you on a journey from classic rock though elements of German rock to modern pop. The title “Send the women away” on the surface may not warrant much discussion, but for the knowledgeable it leads us down a path of the nail biting wait of unknown duration and the anticipation of her return. This is of course the most beautiful declaration of love since the foundation of language.