Vienna Symphony Jazz Project .

709 #100
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Killing Aida



The 11 man small big band ensemble „Vienna Symphony Jazz Project“
evolved out of a sextet in the early 1980´s.
For this project we chose compositions out of our all day music life in the
“Vienna Symphony Orchestra”.
The ensemble work stays in foreground versus the solo-parts.
There are short features for a few musicians of the ensemble like the
outstanding vibraphone player “Flip Philipp” who also arranged all the pieces
on this record.
After listening to Duke Ellington´s “Nutcracker Suite” and “Peer Gynt Suite”
Flip Philipp decided to use the same idea for the „Vienna Symphony Jazz
He chose the famous “Bolero” of Ravel and changed the 3 /4 bar ostinato
snare drum pattern to a kind of in the 60´s very beloved Boogaloo dance
rhythm. Please note the main theme played by the violin.
At the same time Flip Philipp was working at the Bregenz Opera House doing
Verdi´s “Aida” every night and that was the rolling stone for making a Jazz
version of this piece full of howling and humming melodies.
The Project also performs a nice Bossa Nove version of Georg Friedrich
Händel´s 6th Aria took out of the “Messia”, including a wonderful and sublime
Fluegelhorn solo done by Heinrich Bruckner.
After that the scene changes to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart´s “Tuba Mirrum”
took from the famous requiem which arranger Flip Philipp transferred into a
3 /4 Gospel Waltz feeling. After the main theme played by the trombone a
bluesy violin solo follows with some lyrical background comping by the
The real classic lover also can find Peter Ilitsch Tschaikowsky´s overture
version of “Romeo and Juliet”.
The famous love theme in the middle of the song one can find a lot of
Hollywood movie´s.
Flip Philipp mentioned Woody Allen´s “The Last Night Of Boris Gruschenko” as
an inspiration and build up a suspenseful Big Band version of the various
melodies of Tschaikowsky´s joyful and passionate composition.

Liner notes by Fuji Tepanyaki

Sigi Kühlböck – Tenor, Alto Saxophone
Aneel Soomary – Lead Trumpet
Heinrich Bruckner – Trumpet
Christian Löw – Trumpet
Walter Voglmayr – Trombone
Othmar Gaiswinkler – Trombone
Reinhard Hofbauer – Bass Trombone
Ernst Weissensteiner – Double Bass
Nicolas Geremus – Violine
Christian Salfellner – Drums
Flip Philipp - Vibraphone