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Frisch aussa wias drin is




... is the name of a group of  musicians consisting of Charly Schmid: sax, Gunter Wagner: acc, H.-G. Gutternigg: tuba and Ewald Zach: drums.
A lustful and experienced co-operation, based on the principles of musical interaction, open minded thinking and the incorporation of different styles.
Their first cd "Worldwide Landsleut" demonstrates their gratitude to the traditional folk-songs of Upper-Austria from the Anton Bruckner era (or so).
The recording presents the four musicians in a refreshing way which escalates to an interesting musical level – at times playing with a touch of irony and humour  and above all a swinging easiness.
All of them studied at the Jazz Department of the Anton-Bruckner University Linz. Although the line-up appears to present a typical - if not classical - jazz quartet,  the piano has been replaced by the accordion and as the bass instrument a tuba can be heard. Therefore – combined with saxophone and drums – a compact sound with lots of interesting variations has been created.

analog acoustic swinging funky alpine ethno style

first CD: "Worldwide Landsleut"
Produced: February - April 2006
Release date: September 2006

NEW: CD “Frisch aussa, wie’s drin is…”
Recorded: May – June 2009
Release date: August 2009

References: the band startet as a project, commissioned by the tourist agency of Upper Austria - entitled: Upper Austria: tradition & innovation.
As a result we have arrangements of traditional folk-songs from Upper Austria put into a context of jazz and improvised music, at which we care to set an high level on respect for the songs from earlier generations.

Concert dates:
concerts and festivals in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Romania, …
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"What an exciting trip I was taken on as I listened to Stelzhamma's CD.  This is truly an all inclusive and Worldwide view to composition. Particularly appropriate with the use of this instrumentation. An instrumentation used in the folk music of many countries around the world. While the group may be paying hommage to Upper-Austrian folk songs, I believe this CD will compliment many different world cultures." 
Bob Stewart

“Wow the CD is a space where I haven´t heard HG and it really sounds Great!! HG really has his own style and a groovy direction!!”
Jon Sass

A brass music experience of a different kind you will encounter with the group “Stelzhamma” with their CD “Worldwide Landsleut” (ATS 0607). The musicians mix traditional Austrian folk songs from the 19th century with swing and verve from New Orleans brass and zydeco to funk and modern groove jazz. Musical skillfullness and a compact improvising sound meets fun and irony. Lester Bowie could not have done it better.  Jazzpodium 2006/12

The “Woldwide Landsleut”  play folk-music in a very unusual way – a typically Stelzhamma-type-thing. Somehow the music reminds at the early recordings of Bob Stewart – totally jazz. The style that Attwenger and Puschnig with his Alpine Aspects started, Stelzhamma extend it with a friendly smile and a special sense of humor and they bring joy worldwide all over the “Landsleut”. Jazzzeit 2007/06


Photograph by Reinhard Winkler