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In dialect form, the band name `dalenz´ (springtime) can also refer to leisure time. Leisure time and spring - two notions which are represented metaphorically in text and music on the debut album `schwoazweis´ (Black & White)
Hence, all five musicians have their roots firmly placed in the Greater Linz area (Upper Austria), so it is self-evident that all lyrics are written in central Upper Austrian dialect - and, after all, the mother tongue is normally the best language in which to express one's self.
This implies a certain degree of honesty but also vulnerability which is reflected in the unusual timbre of the vocalist.
It is not so easy to categorize the music and lyrical backgrounds in this production. For example, the text is often reflective, sometimes socio-critical or at other times easy-going. The motto `Black & White´ is the basis of the pulsing sounds, shifting between pop and blues and incorporating soul elements and influences of world music.
The current production is the result of a three-year process. In the beginning, there existed a trio and eleven songs; but with the expansion to a quintet, and the resulting new acoustic-colours and ideas, these songs could ripen and become ready for recording.
Simplicity and straightforwardness were the deciding factors as well as the concentration on the nitty-gritty, whilst always keeping in mind the goal to perform these songs live without having to make any reductions in musicality and instrumentation. This was primarily at the heart of the production concept.
`schwoazweis´ is on the one hand a beginning and on the other hand a catalyst for the next step of the project (the second album is already in work), which endeavours to create a music that is connected to the homeland without falling into the patterns constituting local patriotism and provincial clichés.

`dalenz´ are:
Maximilian Grubmüller – vocals, guitar
Oliver Loy – guitar, backing vocals
Gerald Kiesewetter – bass
Florian Kasper - drums
Christian Einheller – percussion