Robert Riegler, The Four-Fret Concept

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for electric bass in english including CD

The Four-Fret Concept


Topic: Improvisation in the II-V-I context


This booklet suggests nearly 100 different ways of improvising over the fundamental jazz progression (II-V-I). All lines are integrated into a compact system based on the major scale fingering. After the introduction of the system itself follow the individual exercises, located at different starting points within that system.


Applies to:


All electric bassists (moreover, the analyzed lines are pertinent to all bass-clef instruments).


Benefits, novel approach:


  • Quick understanding of the content by means of the dialogue format.
  • All lines can be used over major and their parallel minor progressions.
  • The Structure- and Scale Analysis (Berklee-standard), performed by Kurt Erlmoser, looks into the structural basis of each individual line, which spares the student a lot of tedious transcription work.
  • The exercises are all but un-phrased, thus leaving space for individual creativity as to their actual rendition.
  • The extensive tablature notation greatly helps the less-skilled sight readers.
  • Quick grasp of the improvisa­tional infrastructure.
  • Fast technical improvement on the instrument.


69 pages


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