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Martin Gasselsbergers new Solo CD.

Here, as he has demonstrated unmistakably with his trio “mg3,” pianist Martin Gasselsberger shows that as a soloist too he has an extraordinary talent for moving listeners with his melodies and making complex compositions sound clear and comprehensible.


Through his lyrical sound images and creative improvisations we experience the whole range of human emotions without ever losing touch with the original musical theme.


“All things oscillate and become bright/And breathe the sounds in deeply/

And how they penetrate to my inner core/On the mossy carpet of melodies.”


“Improvisation with absolutely no pathos at all. Always a blue note in the bag and never ever losing sight of the lyrical facet […] that’s the way colors, pictures, and in the end stories come to mind without the use of a single word.”


“[…] Music that gives the listener a sense of soaring up and flying through wonderful worlds of hope.”