Katja & Martin V. Krusche

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Cantango Chansons & Tangos



Chansons und Tangos



Katja Krusche, vocals

Martin V. Krusche, accordion




Charismatic Tangos, gentle Chansons –

everything sung and played in minimal duo-instrumentation –

full of spirits, charme and esprit!


With this program Katja and Martin V. Krusche take up typical accordion-literature: unforgettabel French Musettes (-Valses) and Chansons of legendary Edith Piaf as well as delightful Argentine Tangos (Tango Canción) from the 30s up to well known Tango nuevo of Astor Piazzolla.


Katja Krusche is an expressive and devoted singer, touching directly the heart of her audience. Martin V. Krusche plays the accordion subtle and with virtuosity.


Powerfull, direct, wonderful!