Sir Oliver Mally

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Purists of any kind keep warning us these days to
stay awayfrom the "Candystore". "Tao dangeraus to
stick around" they say.
But it wouldn't be Oliver Mally if this had any effect
on him. For almost 25 years now, guitarist and
singer/songwriter Mally keeps doin' "his thing" on
the highest musical level, always goin' for something
new. Ta strive ahead, and to rediscover himself
is "the name of the game". Whether with his
band, in a trio, in a duo or solo. No matterifit's blues
or the wide field of singer/songwriting. You just
can't pigeon-hole him.
Also the CD you are holding in your hands right now
proves that from the first chord on most impressively.
"You Can't Beat The DeviI" he sings. It comes
along bluesy and spiced with that sort of dry humor,
that makes you believe the singer himself is not so
sure whether it's possible or not. His attitude on
"Against The Flow" is unmistakably. "F... the hypocrisy
in music-business!" And who else but Mally
would make up a statement like "The Grammy
Song"? But tha!'s the essence of this musician. His
sense of humor is not superficial. It arises from the
doubts ofthe human soul.
Then he lets go of his cynicism and admits to be
"Green Light/Red Light" at the same time. Not only
a few are trying (and fail), for a lifetime, to write
down one like this. Full of touching beauty. Amoment
of enchanting melancholy. Perfectly backed
up by piano and accordion. Anyway, he's not alone
in the candystore but meets up with colleagues like
Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan or Tampa
Red to study the multifaceted assortment. And to
invite us to da as weil. So le!'s meet at the Candystore!
Dietmar Hascher, February 2008