Petra Linecker

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...what would the world be without women...

The world would be poorer. For instance because there would be no women like Petra Linecker. She is not in search of the meaning of life, because that would be meaningless. She deals with it, though; the meaning of life… the meaning of being a woman, the meaning of loving, the meaning of emotions which can give us wings or make us do a belly-flop.


“Sinn”(Meaning) is the title of Petra Linecker’s new CD with 12 songs that have meaning.

She is the observer who is able to relate to us in a language that is both intellectual and understandable. She is a woman who with a twinkle in her eye captures the essence of our human mental games without putting herself above the rest of us. One gets the feeling she knows what she’s singing about.


“Sinn” is an album full of songs of life. It’s not just about feelings and tapestries of inter-human relationships. It is also important to Petra to make a stand. She asks for help for the helpers, swears on the power of nature, longs for the magic mountain. She has found a fine musical language to present the words and their meaning in the spotlight without neglecting the arrangements. The music radiates power and magic. It is difficult to break this spell because the 12 songs really do have meaning.



“…it is enough to be human…”


Yes, it’s more than enough. That is the meaning of life. Petra Linecker has got it.