MG3 - Martin Gasselsberger Trio

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any place but there



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With the release of “Any Place But There” , upper-austrian based piano player Martin Gasselsberger proves, that the sophisticated beauty of sound and jazzy grooves seem to be taylormade for each other. On this third release with his trio “mg3”, Gasselsberger, on one hand, creates easy floating instrumentals, that are built around but a few notes, which he manages to give an almost mysterious flair as he approaches a Fazioli grand piano.  

On the other hand, the trio is really cooking when gasselsberger starts improvising in some kind of “soul-jazzy” way on top of the driving beats layed down by bass player roland kramer and drummer Gerald Endstrasser. The tight trio interprets only originals written by band-leader Gasselsberger, who for his previous releases, got compared with greats like Keith Jarrett, Esbjörn Svenson or Abdullah Ibrahim.

“I wanted these compositions to be a refelection of the tension between my “goin’ inside” and my “pushing to the outside”.  

The place where it’s happening is the momentary state of my musical development – it’s  the current moment between “consciousness” and “wanting to break out” - to discover the endless spaces of the music-world” , says Gasselsberger to give us an inside view, regarding these recordings.