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Worldwide Landsleut



            LIVE TERMINE


A lustful and experienced co-operation, based on the principles of musical interaction, open minded thinking and the incorporation of different styles.

Their first cd "Worldwide Landsleut" demonstrates their gratitude to the traditional folk-songs of Upper-Austria from the Anton Bruckner era (or so).

The recording presents the four musicians in a refreshing which escalates to an interesting musical level – at times playing with a touch of irony and humour  and above all a swinging easiness.
All of them studied at the Jazz Department of the Anton-Bruckner University Linz. Although the line-up appears to present a typical - if not classical - jazz quartet,  the piano has been replaced by the accordion and as the bass instrument a tuba can be heard. Therefore – combined with saxophone and drums – a compact sound with lots of interesting variations has been created.


analog acoustic swinging funky alpine ethno style